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We Welcome You!

New River Unitarian Fellowship
We honor and appreciate our relationship with Rev. Kayla Parker over the past couple of years. She has helped us through one of the most difficult times we’ve seen as a Fellowship. Her final Service with us as our Affiliate Minister was held today, leaving our hearts warm and our eyes a bit tearful. We wanted to share her parting message and wish her only the best in life moving forward!
Dear New River UU Fellowship,
It has been such a joy to be with you the past year-and-a-half. I am writing to let you know that I have accepted a position as the Interim Minister for our congregation in Glen Allen, VA. Dan and I will be moving to Richmond right before we get married in early August, and I’ll be starting my new job right after. As I need to be preparing for a very busy August, my last Sunday with you all and my goodbye to the congregation will be on Sunday, June 13th. We will do a bit more sharing then, but I wanted to take a moment here to reflect on our time together.
You welcomed me as your Community Affiliate Minister when I was frazzled with long hospital chaplaincy hours and then more frazzled once covid hit. Together, we made time for togetherness and community amidst an isolating pandemic. Or really, you made the time and you welcomed me into it. Thank you for that, and for all the ways you served so many by your steady witness and presence.
When my chaplaincy job ended, you welcomed more of my time and energy in more worship services, pastoral presence, and beautiful tries at programming that didn’t hit the mark. We experimented together, I got to talk more deeply to some of you, and worship more with even more of you. I have been so impressed by your true understanding of how to be in community. By your holding one another and the whole of your fellowship amidst internal conflict and external threats.
Most recently, I have been so impressed by the bravery and vision that has emerged from you all as you consider a united UU fellowship with other UU congregations and fellowships in WV. In thinking about your long-term sustainability, you have our faith in all of West Virginia in mind. This is a faithful move and action in the trust sense of the word, and I am both blown over at the ingenuity that you all have, and am grateful for your care of a faith I love in a state I have come to call home.
Thank you for our time together, and for all of the ways you carry our faith into the world. I look forward to seeing you and celebrating all you are June 13th.
In Faith and Love,
Rev. Kayla