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New River Unitarian Fellowship

Seby Bell

Vice President

Seby found the NRUUF in the early 90s, when she became a member. After several years, she left the area and returned what seemed like a lifetime later. In the distant past, she managed the Newsletter. More recently, she has served as a Member of the Board (and Steering Committee). She has served as Chair (President), spent a short time as Secretary, and currently serves as the Service Coordinator (as of 2020). She also currently handles the majority of the social media responsibilities, the weekly email and manages the website.

She is also a full-time mom and runs her own business: Computer Chick

Member since: 1999
Member of the Board
Secretary: 2018?
Vice President 2020-?
Chairperson of the Steering Committee: 2019-2020

Service Coordinator: 2019 - ?