Here is your opportunity to donate to the New River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, or one of our special projects, online!

We are always grateful for the support we receive so that we are able to keep our doors open and, most importantly, continue to provide a refuge for those who find our Fellowship to be a good fit for them in this community.


Fellowship RE Program - these donations will be added to our Children's Religious Education fund, to provide

RE classes, activities and events during our weekly services

Fellowship Charity Fund - these donations will be used to help fund the various charity services we support,
as well as a resource for helping our members and regular attendees during times of great need.

Member Pledge - this donation option is for our Members to submit their regular support pledges
(please don't forget to include your name!)

General Fellowship Expenses - these donations go toward the general fund to cover our operating expenses.

You will be able to choose the amount you wish to donate, as well as the option to make this a recurring donation!

New River Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Physical address: 911 S. Kanawha St., Beckley, WV
Mailing address: PO Box 294, Beckley, WV 25802-0294

(304) 252-4016


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